Hayden House

Alvchruch, Worcestershire
• Finalist for Design Excellence Awards 2022
• Integrates key principles from the global WELL Building Standard
• 55% reduction in embodied carbon via design
• VR model

The project brief was to design a single storey extension that reflected the client’s hobbies of camping and to create a space where the family could spend time cooking, eating and relaxing. A double storey section of the extension includes a small bedroom / play space. Our client wanted a space that opened to the community, and we created this through a herb garden courtyard and connection to an outdoor kitchen and dining space, that considers integrated environmental benefits. We have also incorporated elements of biophilia, creating a series of calm and multifunctional spaces. 


Key design features include a dual aspect bench seating allowing for the bi-folding windows to open towards the garden, a bespoke timber clad trellis structure, a carefully designed Fruit & Herb Garden directly accessible from the kitchen, roof lights installed throughout the scheme allowing for diffused natural light and ventilation as well as a green roof!

The scheme encourages its users towards a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, opening up the living spaces to nature and the surrounding community whilst also considering thermal performance and biodiversity.

Hayden House 4 scaled


The extension includes a modest dining space with a play area and creates a link back to the kitchen through viewing areas. A ground floor adaptable and flexible study is created to assist with working from home. A ground floor shower room assists with specific client requirements and considers a laundry space.

These spaces consider principles for wellbeing and healthy buildings. We have incorporated elements of biophilia and views out to the garden which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The dual aspect bench seating allows the bi-folding window to open to the garden in the better months to enjoy the outdoors and allow for natural ventilation.

🌞 Natural light is considered to help with positive mood and be more alert within the study space. Rooflights from above allow for defused daylight without glare.

🍽 The connection to the fruit and herb garden is directly linked to the kitchen to encourage healthier eating habits and to allow the young family to engage in the food they grow, cook and eat.

🥦The herb garden opens up to the road which allows casual conversation with neighbours and passer-byers and enable conversation and reduce possible isolation. Privacy is equally important, so timber trellis structures allow for climbers and vines which naturally help to shade and cool the property in summer and allow south facing sunlight to enter the central part of the house in the winter to help with thermal comfort.

🌿A green roof is designed to help with sound from the contextual environment as well as helping with storm water drainage, biodiversity, and thermal performance.

🌬 The design specification will consider the healthy materials where possible to reduce VOCs and toxins, as well as implications on the environment, including embodied carbon and carbon reduction. Condensation and moisture have a huge impact on health and designing this out in the detailing will be considered.


Our approach to this project demonstrates that everyday homeowners can achieve a scheme that pushes boundaries and explore innovative ideas that create high quality design and considers the context and human and environmental aspirations for sustainability.

Design well, live better®


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CookBrown award
Embodied Carbon Calculation Scheme Comparison scaled


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