Moseley Hive

Moseley, Birmingham
• Multi-purpose community space considering wellbeing & sustainability

The project envisions transforming a central High Street location into a dynamic Arts, Culture and Community Hub. This initiative aims to foster a sense of ownership among the community, offering a versatile space for both emerging and established artists. Key features include a climate-resilient structure with minimal environmental impact, boosting local economy through increased footfall and spaces for local enterprise. The design incorporates universal principles, ensuring accessibility for all.

Phase One focuses on enhancing the main event area for diverse usage, boosting natural light, and upgrading energy efficiency. We’re also planning to revitalize the building’s frontage, reconnecting it with High Street’s vibrant history. Enhancements to catering facilities are also considered.

Looking ahead, we aim to utilise the spacious rear section of the building, adjacent to Moseley Park & Pool, for a variety of activities. The hub will host grassroots arts and culture events, community gatherings, and support the local economy through innovative uses like pop-up spaces and markets. It will be a venue for celebrations, community meals, educational classes, and wellness activities, truly embodying a multifunctional community cornerstone.

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The street-facing frontage of the design maintains Moseley village’s traditional shop appearance, drawing inspiration from the Arts & Crafts Style of the existing building. This influence is expressed in an ornate, panelled timber front with subtly contrasting paint colours echoing the theme of bees.

Innovatively, the design includes street-facing kiosks for small businesses or startups, with bi-folding windows/doors enhancing the High Street’s vibrancy. A retractable awning references the quaint charm of old Alcester Road, providing daytime shade.

A welcoming new entrance, resembling outstretched arms, is complemented by benches for casual interaction, enhancing the Hive’s inviting atmosphere. The glass fronts are designed for meaningful engagement, reflecting Moseley’s aspirations.

Currently, the passageway serving delivery vehicles is marred by graffiti and feels unsafe, despite being the main access to Moseley Park and Pool. The Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance supports revitalising this area.

The proposal transforms this space with Asphalt art, encouraging local artists and residents to collaborate, sparking street-level interest and inviting exploration. Festoon lighting adds a warm, safe ambience, beneficial for evenings and community events.

The Hive’s large, blank sidewall will gain windows for safety and natural surveillance. The playful window designs align with local architectural features, like Moseley’s characteristic bays and arches, and allow natural light into the spacious interior.

Window surrounds are created via wall art to avoid projections into the passageway to ensure festival vehicles can access the park freely.
Planter boxes along the passageway create a village atmosphere, echoing the central village planting, enhancing wellbeing, and supporting local wildlife. A green roof addresses rainwater drainage and environmental concerns, fostering local biodiversity.

The roof also hosts solar photovoltaic panels for electricity generation. Inside, the community space’s high ceiling and abundant natural light create an inspiring, healthful environment.

The building’s insulation, combined with photovoltaic panels, reduces the Hive’s carbon footprint and operational costs, ensuring a sustainable and resilient community facility.

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