1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues

One of the biggest factor is the environment we  are in…

We spend 90% of our time indoors and 65% of this is in our own homes. Poor housing costs the NHS £1.4B per year!

The pandemic has only exaggerated the impact on people’s physical and mental health due to poor living conditions. Much of the existing housing stock out of the 29 million in the UK is not designed with health and wellbeing in mind.


living with purpose

We are a dynamic husband and wife team, driven by our shared commitment to positively impact individuals, communities, and the environment. Our focus is primarily on enhancing well-being.

But what’s our story?

Min sofa

Minal Parmar

Director • Architect


Introducing Minal her architectural journey is a tale of evolution and self-discovery. 

With years of dedication to refining her skills, burnout and desire for impact, Minal reached a transformative point. 

She realised her enthusiasm went beyond conventional architecture. 

This stemmed not just from her extensive professional background but also from her personal quest for well-being and fulfilment. 

She understood that architecture was about more than just drawings.

Minal is an ARB registered Architect, RIBA Chartered Member and is also a WELL Accredited Professional from the International WELL Building Institute. This credential denotes expertise in the WELL Building Standard and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities.

She is also a WELL Residential Advisory role to help bring the global industry leading WELL standard into family homes.

With a rich career spanning over 15 years, Minal has cultivated extensive experience in both residential and commercial architecture. Her tenure at a celebrated, independent architectural firm saw her leading a team on numerous projects, overseeing every stage from design to completion and ensuring close collaboration with clients and contractors.

Minal’s approach is both personable and meticulous, known for understanding client needs while also challenging conventional practices.

Her passion extends beyond architecture to embracing the great outdoors, arts and crafts, and baking, all part of her personal endeavour to positively influence society while enjoying life.

As part of our unique offering, throughout all stages we will consider and design, where applicable, around health and wellbeing principles which can improve your sense of greater living. This also includes our ethos around net-zero carbon and sustainability.


Mitesh Parmar

Visionary Director • Marketing & Operation


Mitesh, on the other hand, has always sought a purposeful life. 

This desire was intensified by his personal challenge with Ulcerative Colitis, diagnosed during his early university years. 

A pivotal moment came with redundancy, it was a turning point. He knew there was more to life than contributing to the success of large corporations. 

A series of experiences, from medical struggles to diverse commercial roles, culminated in a determination to make a meaningful difference.

…Wellspace Architects was established from these experiences. 

Leveraging  Minal’s diverse expertise and her recognition as a WELL Accredited Professional, together with Mitesh’s business savvy and entrepreneurial drive, we embarked on our impactful mission.

As a former software engineer and global product manager Mitesh brings his unique skill set to the practice that spans across SME to billion-pound turnover organisations, in the field of business, marketing, and commercial strategy, in areas such as electronics, SaaS, manufacturing and rail.

He has seen challenges and solutions from various sectors giving him a distinct and unique approach to running a business. More so the impact on the work space and the health of its employees. Especially as he himself suffers from a chronic medical health condition himself.

His role focuses on listening to clients, the market and understanding how Wellspace Architects can always be striving to be better and innovative.

Mitesh holds a degree in Electronic & Software Engineering from the University of Leicester, a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and a Diploma in Training and Development.

He is also a board of trustee for a local charity called free@last.


what makes us different

the values we live by

open & creative

Have an open mind, be creative and willing to experiment to encourage innovation and bold new solutions to solve problems.


Take care of our planet, reduce waste, reuse, repurpose, recycle and consider actions and their impact on the future on the wider economy and community.

fun & pride

Take pride in all our work and above all have fun and enjoyment without sacrificing quality.

honest & integrity

Treat others how we wish to be treated, act in a clear and transparent way.

respect & leadership

Treat others with respect, compassion and provide support while leading by example.