Did you know well-being and sustainability go hand in hand? 

Sustainable architecture is more than just picking materials. 

As sustainable focused architects we use an innovative approach that focuses on creating environmentally conscious and resource-efficient buildings throughout their life cycle.

It’s all about designing spaces that live in harmony with nature, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting healthier living.

We incorporate renewable energy, efficient water and waste systems, and using materials that are sustainable where we can in our design process. 

Engaging with sustainable architecture means investing in the future, where every structure is built with the well-being of the environment and its inhabitants in mind.

Design well, live better® 

Minal on an ESG panel as part of Birmingham Business TV

Below is the alignment of the WELL features and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Source: https://www.wellcertified.com/sdgs/v2

Case Study 55% reduce in carbon

Hayden House

Alvchruch, Worcestershire
Embodied Carbon Calculation Scheme Comparison scaled

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